Join us this weekend, Dec. 19-21, for ‘Nights from Veracruz’ when Chef Mariana features fresh spices and locally-sourced seafood and meat to create our very own authentic Mexican restaurant for a few nights only right here at Gowlland Harbour Resort! The menu for this weekend includes:

Huachinango a la Veracruzana
Red Snapper wrapped in Banana Leaves with Tomatoes, Olives & Peppers served over rice.

Chilpachole de Mariscos
Mixed Seafood & Fish in a Thick Chili Broth with housemade Corn Dumplings.

Polla Enchilpayado
Chicken Breast cooked in a Green Chili and Garlic Cream Sauce with Sauteed Onions served over rice.

The menu will be a la carte, so you may order as many courses as you like. There will also be a few more surprises added to the menu! For reservations, call +1 250 285 3572. The next Authentic Mexican Nights will be held at Gowlland Harbour Resort on the weekend of Feb. 20-22, 2015.